Interested in one of our Make-A-Bear parties, but still have some questions?  Then Check-out some of the commonly asked questions (and their answers) below.  Of course this is not an exhaustive list and you may still have additional questions - in which case we'd love to hear from you either by calling us on 0131 639 0129 or by sending your details via the contact form on the right of this page and one of our party team will call you back.


What is the minimum number of children that I need for a Make-A-Bear Party?

As with all of our parties it depends when you are planning to have your party and on what day of the week.  Our "standard" minimum numbers for Make-A-Bear parties is 10 children.  This applies to parties taking place at weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and during all school holidays.

However, on Mondays to Fridays during term time we reduce the minimum number required for a Make-A-Bear party to only 8 children.


If I have less than the minimum number can I still have a Make-A-Bear Party?

Yes.  The "minimum number" above really refers to a minimum charge for the party.  Therefore you can still have a Make-A-Bear Party with fewer children but the minimum charge for the party will still apply.  You will however still be able to make the number of bears included in the minimum number price.


What is the maximum number of children allowed at a Make-A-Bear Party?

We host the bear-making activity for this party in our Teddy Bear Garden located in front of our Teddy Bear Summerhouse.  This is a relatively small area and as such the maximum number of children we can accommodate is lower than for a standard Soft-Play party.  For this reason we set the maximum number of children fr these parties at 16 children.

This also allows our Make-A-Bear Party Hosts to work more closely with the children to help them to successfully make their bears.

How many adults do I need to bring to the party?

The simple answer is "not very many".  In fact having lots of adults at the party can make it more difficult for our party hosts to help the children make their bears and interact with then throughout the time spent in the Teddy Bear Garden.  In fact, because the Teddy Bear Garden is a smaller space, there is simply not much of room to accommodate many adults (apart from the parents of the Star of the party) in this area.  For the additional adults that do attend a limited amount of seating (for 6-10 adults) will be available outside the party room (located beside the Teddy Bear Garden)


Do the children just make a bear at this party?

Absolutely not!  We have created this party package to be a fully featured party rather than just a retail "experience" as you would get in a high street shop.  On arrival the children will enjoy a full 1-hour of Soft Plat Fun in our multi-level play structures and get the full use of all the play facilities.  The children will then be taken to our Teddy Bear Summerhouse to select their choice of cuddly new friend from the usually extensive range of designs that we have in stock.  Following instructions from their party host they will then be able to bring their new friend to life in the Teddy Bear Garden area.  Your TimeTwisters Party Hosts will then seal up their cuddly new friends (where the stuffing went in) ready for them to take home.  The will then enjoy a lovely Teddy Bear Picnic of sandwiches, Teddy Bear Crisps and a yoghurt with their cuddly new friend.


Do you use a toy stuffing machine?

You may have seen the use of a toy stuffing machine at the major high street Build-A-Bear Workshops.  However, we don't think it's much fun for the children standing in line waiting for their turn to have their bear stuffed by a machine.  We therefore help the children make and stuff their bears by hand as we believe this is an integral part of the experience.  In making the bears themselves the children hale helped to bring their animal to life and have in fact "made" a new friend.


What age do children need to be to have a Make-A-Bear Party?

Given that a key part of this party is the making and stuffing of a toy bear (or other soft animal) the children need to be old enough to follow the instructions of the party hosts and be able to do the actual stuffing.  Our party hosts are certainly there to help the children in this activity and are regularly asked by the children to do it for them or finish it.  On this basis we would recommend that the Make-A-Bear party is better suited to children of at least "Toddler" age (3-4 yrs?) and above.  Of course, if you would like to hold a Make-A-Bear Party for a slightly younger age group we'd be happy to do so, but the children themselves may be less able to actively participate in the actual "Bear Making" part of the party.